Vip Room Dubai Table

Vip Room Dubai Table
April 4, 2018 Team BottlePop
Dubai Club Tables

The vibrant nightlife is what claim to fame for Dubai is. This city has so much to offer of the late nightlife entertainment, and the emirates are into hosting some of the most popular nightclub with the DJs that are world renowned and various artists who are famous around the globe which includes Katy Perry, Chris Brown, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, and more.

There are various night clubs and bars in Dubai, even though most of them are present in the hotels. The crowd is present in various clubs varies from one club to another, but the common thing that you will find in Dubai night clubs is that the crowd in various night clubs has a mix of party goers from both Western and Eastern origin. Most of the Dubai night clubs are totally packed on the weekdays Thursday and Friday nights. As the weekday Thursday night is the signal for the end of the work week and the arrival of the weekends, the days Friday and Saturday are weekends for most of the people who are working ones in Dubai. There are many of the popular hotspots which host ladies night on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, where ladies can have the entry for free and can be offered free food and free drinks.

In Dubai, the legal age for drinking is 21 years and the night clubs of Dubai adhere to this rule always. For all the visitors, their passport can be accepted as a form of ID. For all the residents, a driving license, or an Emirates ID is the form of ID that is accepted. If you are planning to drink, be sure that you choose a cab for getting home back or wherever you are planning to go after the party and drinking. With all the Dubai nightlife fun, there are some rules too which must be followed. The clubs start getting crowd by 10 pm and closes by 3 am. We are up for all the Dubai night club bookings as we book all the luxury night clubs for you and we can also book luxury cars, yachts for your party.

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